Employee assistance programmes

How EAPs can help with employee happiness and your retention rates

Modern businesses often look to support their workforce with confidential advice and counselling services.

With an EAP system, the aim is to help a staff member’s personal and working life issues.

The goal is simple. By offering employee support, you can improve company-wide wellbeing and boost morale.

So, in this piece we’ll take a closer look at why you should implement it across your business—plus, the rewards you’ll experience by doing so.

What is an employee assistance programme?

It’s a benefit programme for your workforce—it helps with personal and work problems to ensure your staff members are fit and healthy (mentally and physically).

It’s not always the easiest process to understand. Many businesses still come across an acronym and wonder, “What does EAP stand for?” Well, it’s an employment assistance programme.

So whatever you call it, if your business implements the process then it becomes a core component of your absence management and risk strategies.

Before we move on, an important point to remember is if you try to spell it as “employment assistance program”.

That’s the American English use of the word. The same, of course, goes for an EAP program. It’s a small point to remember for the sake of your grammatical integrity.

Why do businesses use EAP programmes?

It supports employees and also provides major business rewards, such as a happier and healthier workforce. That’s only ever going to be good for productivity.  

After all, the best businesses strive to look after their employees.

In a self-aware era where mental health issues are more openly discussed, the importance of handling common stresses is essential to keep your employees engaged.

And with the right employee assisted programmes, you can benefit from:

  • Reductions in sick leave and other absenteeism.
  • Boosts to morale across your business.
  • Increases in productivity.
  • Promoting positive attitudes.
  • Better employee retention.

The focus here is very much on an increase in wellbeing. If your staff is happy on a collective scale, they’re far more likely to stay with your business.

As a result, that means ROI (return on investment) through cost savings. You won’t need to fund recruitment as regularly, or find shift cover if your absence rate is high.

The reason is simple—you look after your employees’ wellbeing and they’ll avoid burnout or other serious issues.

What types of EAP services are there?

For your programme you’ll want to cover the essentials, as well as additional business-specific services you think are essential. The most common examples include:

  • One-to-one counselling.
  • Counselling across telephone, email, or live chat.
  • CBT—that’s cognitive behavioural therapy.
  • Guidance with finances.
  • Legal advice.
  • Online services such as mental health assessments.
  • An online health portal (which can include an app).
  • An employee assistance helpline for direct assistance.
  • Referrals where necessary.

It’s all confidential, of course, to protect the rights of your staff members.

And this is an issue we’re passionate about. We’re one of the leading EAP providers and we provide a dedicated app as part of our service to customers.

It allows for notifications direct to a staff member’s phone, ensuring they don’t miss an appointment.

The best employee assistance programmes (UK) have inspiring initiatives. Ours is Bright Wellbeing and it helps to improve the health and wellbeing of your employees all at excellent costs for small and medium businesses.

This includes ideas such as posting educational documents around your working environment, such as:

  • Literature—leaflets, guides, handbooks.
  • Encouraging posts.
  • Videos and presentations.

If you’re thinking outside of the box, as an employer, assistance programmes can go that extra mile to ensure your organisation is a success.

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