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  • BrightHR: Smart HR software that can transform people management for small businesses.

BrightHR: Smart HR software that can transform people management for small businesses.

The last few years have been challenging for many business owners across Australia. And this year is expected to be much the same, with rising costs, staff shortages, and employee retention just some of the challenges facing SMEs.

Along with these challenges, employers must continue to stay on top of their people management, ensuring daily HR tasks are done promptly and accurately.

David Price, CEO at BrightHR Australia and New Zealand, says,

“I was taught a long time ago never to build a business on quicksand. If you want to grow a business it's about having solid foundations, and those foundations are people and processes.

“We talk a lot about people being your biggest asset, but they can also be your biggest challenge.

“Small to medium-sized businesses aren't going to have a training team, they're not going to have a HR function, not going to have an induction process, and it's unlikely they're going to have what a large business would have.

“There are enough challenges within your own small business. I know that I've been there. Businesses need people, and they need HR software to help manage those people.

Ankit Chalany, Director of SearchBar, says,

“When we started using BrightHR, we realised how efficient the platform is for us. It saved a lot of time, money, and stress. Before having BrightHR onboard we were struggling with managing employees and their documents.” Everything was taking time out of their day. For SearchBar, BrightHR makes HR and employment law more accessible. “The app is pretty easy to use, the web application is easy to navigate. BrightHR is not a service, it’s a problem-solver."

Dan Ussher, CEO & Founder of Veresco GRC, says

“We see BrightHR as an extension to our organisation. As the CEO of a small company, I was struggling to keep on top of everything from an administrative perspective and also in understanding the local requirements for each of my employees and contractors.

“BrightHR gave us the structure, the processes, and the procedures that we needed to be able to onboard, and offboard where necessary, employees and contractors. As an employer, being sure that I’ve got everything covered and in place to effectively meet all my regulatory requirements is critical. It’s too risky to get wrong, and that’s where BrightHR helps me, and it protects me as well. The convenience, ease, and hands-on support of BrightHR have made HR easier and much more cost-effective for Veresco GRC.”

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