International HR Day: Transforming HR for a Changing World

May 20 marks International HR Day and this year we’re looking back on the start of a decade that has been characterised by global upheaval. The world has changed, and no business has been immune, but how does HR reflect those changes? This question has many answers, but the deciding force behind many of them, from hybrid work to employee engagement is tech.

Jess van der Walt, Head of Operations at BrightHR ANZ says,

“Technical knowledge in employment relations, work health & safety as well as other areas like cyber security are becoming core knowledge capabilities for HR leaders who drive the people agenda in organisations. The working world will look very different in 10 years with AI working alongside us. Businesses need to start strategizing now on how AI will be used within their business. The businesses that will not only survive but thrive in the current economy will be the businesses that can adapt, change, and evolve.

For small businesses, the lack of talent supply is the biggest issue, particularly in regional areas. Talent supply is just not there. With talent immigration expected to increase soon, it will be interesting to see what happens with Working Holiday Visas and whether we can get enough transitional talent back in Australia.”

The National Skills Commission’s annual update of the skills priority list in 2022 proves this fact. It shows 286 occupations with national shortages, up from 153 in 2021. 3This is a unique position to be. To know that the world of HR is not only getting more tech-savvy, but that the biggest challenge for SMEs is a talent shortage.

Jess says,

“It’s more important now than ever before to have diversity of thought within every level of the organisation, this means factoring in different points of view in discussions, debates, and decisions. Data can come from performance results and people statistics, but it can also include the analysis of feedback from people, factoring in their thoughts, feelings and motives. The combination of this data, empowers businesses to make better decisions for their people.”

"SMEs cannot afford to lose any people. In today’s landscape, it’s not just about the cost of hiring and training new people, it’s the fact that those skilled people may not be available in the first place. Making on-demand learning accessible to all employees with great content is always a win.”

“BrightHR can certainly help businesses in this area with over 30 HR and health & safety courses provided through our service. HR leaders have the power to decide what’s next. They are the bridge between tech and people management," concluded Jess.

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