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Your ultimate guide to 2022’s weird and wacky workplace trends. Plus, get business advice to prepare you for 2023!

Thursday, Feb 02, 2023
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The Bright Book of Work Records is here!

Download your FREE guide to understand 2022’s weirdest and wackiest workplace trends. Each chapter explores fascinating facts, electrifying events and historical happenings that broke records in 2022. And we expose exactly how they affected your staff and workplace last year—using exclusive HR software data from our 1 million+ users.

So, dive in for shocking stats, expert advice, and exclusive FREEBIES to give your business a competitive advantage in 2023.

Download your FREE copy to discover:

  • Your staff’s overwhelming reaction to the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • The latest global Netflix phenomenon that messed with your team’s punctuality.
  • How nail-biting matches like the UEFA Women's Euros final affected team absence—and the changes you should make as a result.
  • Record-breaking heat waves and how to stop them from sizzling your schedule.
  • The most bizarre reasons your staff took time off work—as featured in the Daily Star!

Plus, get complimentary HR downloads, blogs, and on-demand webinars on must-know employment law topics—so you’re always ready for new trends.

Prepare your workplace for 2023 and beyond. Click below to download the **Bright Book of Work Records:**

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