5 easy tips to help your staff switch off over the holidays

It’s getting more and more difficult to stop thinking about work, even when you’re not clocked in. So, what can bosses do to help their employees switch off and recharge this winter?

Wednesday, Dec 15, 2021
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The winter holidays are finally here. It’s time to put your feet up, switch off, and replenish your mind and body for the year ahead.

But that’s easier said than done, right? From eyeing up an email to scrolling past a tweet, it’s difficult to stop work from creeping into your daily life, even when you’re off on holiday.

But as a boss, it’s your job to encourage your employees to jump out of the work mindset and into some Christmas PJs.

Because if not, you risk your employees burning out. And that’s not only harmful to their health, but it’ll also cost your business time, money, and productivity.

So, it’s super important to make sure your staff are taking some time to focus on themselves this winter. And lucky for you, we’ve got five top tips to help you do just that…

1. Prioritise workloads in the run-up to the holidays

Setting realistic deadlines helps staff work to a nice, calm schedule. So, let your staff know what work you expect them to do before they leave, and what they can pick up when they get back.

Go easy on the ‘when you get back’ part, though. You don’t want your employees worrying about their workload over the Christmas break.

Also, be careful that you’re not asking your staff to do too much before Christmas. Because if you pile on the pressure, you might find that your superstar employees start to produce low-quality work, or even come close to burning out.

2. Leave handovers for your remaining staff

Some staff might work through part of the holidays, so make sure they’re comfortable knowing what work they need to cover.

Get your holidaying staff to leave their colleagues a detailed handover—that way those on leave can be confident that they’re not falling behind, and your remaining staff aren’t left stressed and confused.

3. Put the brakes on employee presenteeism

Businesses are using mobile technology more and more. And while that’s great in a lot of ways, it has also led to a huge upswing in employee presenteeism.

Overly eager staff members can take their work with them wherever they go—in fact, a 2021 survey found that a quarter of workers say they can’t help but check their work emails when they’re on their phones.

So, encourage your employees to log out of their work-related email accounts this holiday season. And make sure that any email you do send your staff while they’re off is 100% necessary.

4. Be a shining example

As the boss, the way you behave shows your employees how you expect them to act. And your bad example can cause ripple effects.

So, if you message your team over the holidays, it actively encourages others to follow your lead. And before you know it, you’ll end up with a room full of unrested and understandably irritated staff on Monday 3rd of January.

Instead, your team should see you taking guilt-free breaks. After all, if the boss is taking time for themselves, even the most junior level employee has permission to do so.

5. Support staff wellbeing

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1992, you have a responsibility to take practical steps to look after your staff’s mental wellbeing.

And while the changes we’ve just mentioned are a great start, there’s nothing more effective for supporting staff mental health than a reliable employee assistance programme like Bright Wellbeing & Counselling.

Whether it’s anxiety about work or financial stresses from Christmas, Bright Wellbeing & Counselling helps staff manage their mental health by providing:

  • 24/7 access to a friendly and confidential helpline (even on Christmas!).

  • Express access to face-to-face sessions with a trained therapist.

  • Portable and personalised support through the My Healthy Advantage app.

And since happier workers are more productive, more creative, and they take fewer sick days, it pays to invest in employee health.

To talk more about what Bright Wellbeing & Counselling does for your business, give us a call on 0800 783 2806. Or, if you want to see our software in action, book your free demo today.

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