Revealed: pub managers cheated out of 3 things

You’ll never guess what you’re missing out on as a pub manager. Read on to find out more.

Tuesday, Jan 29, 2019
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You have everything it takes to be the best pub manager. You’re a people person. You’ve got the charm, the wit, and the skills to draw the perfect shamrock on a pint of Guinness.

But do you ever feel like your talents are wasted? You spend more time in the back office buried in paperwork than you do behind the bar.

And that’s cheating you out of all the good bits of being a pub manager, the things that make doing your job worthwhile. Here’s what you’re missing out on (plus, what you can do about it).

  1. Great chats with customers

Your customers are more than just people that prop up your bar and put cash in your tills, they’re some of the greatest characters you’ve ever met.

But you don’t get a chance to see them anymore, do you? So you never chat with the wannabe football pundits, the political commentators, or the budding comedians. Why?

Because you’ve been spending all your time planning staff rotas.

  1. Helping newcomers learn the ropes

Remember the rookie bartender that used to smash a glass every shift? Or the waitress whose hands shook every time she held more than one plate? You should see them now.

They’re the ones juggling multiple bar orders no problem, remembering twenty orders for the kitchen, and diffusing arguments with punters in seconds. And you can’t take any credit for it.

You know why? Because you’ve had nothing to do with their transformation. You’ve been too busy sorting through holiday forms and chasing absent staff, while they’ve been learning how to become a seasoned bartender.

But there’s so much more you could teach them. If only there was a way to get back out there…

  1. Being there to support your staff

You’re the head honcho, the ring leader, the boss. And that means you should be the person your staff come to whenever they’re in a bind.

It should be your friendly face they run to when they need help handling a rowdy customer, or dealing with a punter that keeps sending food back to the kitchen. But more than that, you want to be the one to help them.

That’s what you’re there for. And you’re much more comfortable facing the general public than a mountain of paperwork. After all, you’re a people person.

Now, the bit you’ve been waiting for…

How to break free from the back office

There’s only one thing that’s stopping you from getting back behind the bar, and that’s the growing pile of staff admin on your desk. So, what are you going to do about it?

Ignore the stack of paper and hope it goes away? Chuck it in the shredder? Or find a smarter way to manage your HR?

It’s a no-brainer.

Get BrightHR and say goodbye to time-draining staff admin. This simple HR software makes it easy to manage your team’s holidays, sickness and rotas—even from behind the bar.

Want to know more? Book your free BrightHR demo.

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