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  • Here’s how Blip’s geolocation feature simplifies managing remote staff

Here’s how Blip’s geolocation feature simplifies managing remote staff

With the COVID-19 pandemic making remote work a necessity, learn how Blip’s geolocation feature can help you easily manage employees working from home.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021
2 min read

As an employer, it’s important that you’re able to keep track of who’s working and who’s not in your business—especially if your employees are working from home. In the current pandemic, remote work is a necessity.

Among other challenges created for small businesses by this global crisis, there is the added pressure of trying to manage a remote team. Blip – our clocking in and out app – has a clever geolocation feature that will help you track your staff’s work hours and locations.

You’re able to see who’s in, who’s off and who’s on a break, all from your mobile.

Manage your staff in various locations

Blip’s geolocation feature means you can also see exactly where your employees are located. This gives you, the employer, an extra level of reassurance when you’re trying to manage your people working from different places. Here’s how you do it:

Set up a geolocation

Use Blip to create a ‘geolocation’. This is any location you want to set up as a ‘workplace’. It could be your office or an employee’s house. You can set up as many geolocations as you want.

Then you use the app to create a ‘geofence’ (a virtual boundary) around that workplace. This lets Blip pick up your employee’s location and remind them to clock in or out, so you can see exactly where your staff has worked and for how long.*

Blip logs this information in the cloud, too. Any time you want, you can export the work history for an individual or team. You can save it as a spreadsheet for your records, so you don’t need to try and record everyone’s hours manually or keep on top of timesheets.

Scan a QR code

Alternatively, you can use Blip’s scanning system to record your employees’ work hours. Use the app to generate a QR code (a type of barcode) and print off as many as you like. You give these to your staff to scan when they start and finish work at home, and their hours are recorded in Blip.

How Blip helps you manage staff working from home

Whether your employees are using Blip’s geolocation feature or its smart QR code scanning system, Blip helps you manage your staff hours in the following ways:

  • Track employees from your mobile when they’re working from home
  • View your employees’ locations in an instant
  • Create multiple locations for employees’ houses*
  • Keep an eye on everyone’s working hours
  • Check breaks to make sure employees aren’t taking too much downtime
  • Easily amend incorrect shifts or breaks at the click of a button
  • View a full history of an employee’s work hours and filter the date range easily
  • Export the work history for an individual or team and save it as a spreadsheet for your records

Get started with Blip geolocation

If you haven’t already downloaded Blip, go ahead and do it. It just takes a minute. Head to your app store now to download Blip for iOS or Android.

Not a BrightHR customer yet?

To learn more about how our software can help you manage your business and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic, call us today: (1) 888-220-4924.

Don’t forget, your workplace locations are visible to your whole team in Blip. So, make sure you check with your staff that they don’t mind their colleagues seeing their location if they’re working from home.

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