Get with the times: Paperless HR is the future

‘What is this newfangled HR software, you say?’ It’s the easy, efficient, and affordable way to bring your HR management bang up to date. It’s HR, the Bright way.

Thursday, Oct 31, 2019
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Are you still handling HR the old-fashioned way? Overflowing filing cabinets and desk drawers, and writing up your rotas on wall charts?

You’re probably still sending faxes, processing staff expenses by hand and making bad jokes at the water cooler, too, right? Come on, this isn’t the 80s, people!

It’s 2021, and that means simplifying and streamlining your HR isn’t a futuristic fantasy—you can do it right here, today, with BrightHR.

Do your HR the modern way

BrightHR’s software lets you manage your HR in one place, all from your desktop and nifty mobile app. So you can finally say goodbye to piles of paper, shun those spreadsheets, and kick your collection of lever arch files to the curb...

What’s more, our software is easy to use, efficient, and affordable—because you’re too busy for confusing tech talk and complex systems, and you don’t need something that’s going to break the bank when you’re trying to run a business.

And if you’re already using some software (that’s wildly inferior, of course), switching over to BrightHR is a piece of cake. In fact, we have a whole team of pros dedicated to transferring over all your information.

Let’s delve into the BrightHR features that transform HR in your business, so you never look back…

Create shifts and rotas in seconds

Lose the lame colour-coded calendar. Just enter a few details on the BrightHR system and the shift and rota app creates your personalised rota in seconds.

Hit publish and your people get an instant notification on the free iOS and Android app, so there’s no excuse why they shouldn’t turn up on time, every time. Now that’s what we call technology.

Track your team’s attendance in a click

Filing away notes about who’s off sick, who has a dentist appointment, and who’s late (again) is not an option when there’s the BrightHR absence management app.

It lets you scan and save sick notes and self-certify forms with your phone, instantly spot when someone’s off more and more, and get push notifications to remind you about appointments and return-to-work meetings.

Store your documents in the sky

You might have moved past the good old floppy disk, but there’s no need for ancient hard drives, either. The BrightHR hub makes uploading, storing, and viewing staff documents a piece of cake.

The cloud-based software means your confidential information is always safe and secure. And you even get unlimited document storage space—guaranteed.

Make holiday leave a breeze

There are only so many outdated holiday spreadsheets a high-flying business executive like yourself can handle…

But those days are long gone with BrightHR. The app automatically calculates holiday entitlement, flags any clashes, and records your whole team’s absence in one central calendar—that’s past, present, and future.

Clock in and out with a QR code

Blip is the staff management app that lets your people clock in and clock out of work using their mobile phones—so you no longer need to spend your time logging staff work hours.

And you can see who’s in, who’s off and who’s on a break at the tap of a button, whether you’re in the workplace or on the other side of the world—we know, we’re verging on sci-fi territory here…

Approve expense claims with a swipe

PoP is the expenses app that lets your staff snap and upload a photo of their receipt or make a mileage claim, and you can approve or decline their request with a swipe.

So, you can lose the paper tray overflowing with piles of receipts (but keep the shoulder pads, briefcase, and perm, if you must).

It’s time to move forward and manage your HR the modern way—the BrightHR way.

Not a BrightHR client yet?

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