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Your guide to starting wellbeing conversations with staff

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Health and wellbeing is more important than ever for your staff. This document provides prompts to help you start health and wellbeing…

Zero hour contract of employment (Jersey)

Creating a zero hours employment contract can be confusing. That’s why we’ve created this sample template to help take the worry out of it.

Application for employment (Guernsey)

We take the confusion out of creating contracts. Here's a contract template sample, specifically for Guernsey, to make things easier for you…

Basic employment contract (Guernsey)

Employers must give an employee an employee contract. Get it right with this template.

Employee handbook (Guernsey)

Don't get confused creating an employee handbook. Use this sample template to guide you.

Fixed term contract of employment (Guernsey)

A fixed term contract lasts for a specific period of time, or ends when a specified task or event has been accomplished. This template will…