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  • Brand-new BrightHR features to help you manage COVID-19 in your workplace

Brand-new BrightHR features to help you manage COVID-19 in your workplace

Discover Bright’s new features and how they can help support your business during this difficult time.

Thursday, Apr 16, 2020
2 min read

Here at BrightHQ, we’re always looking for new ways to support small business owners like you.

This month, we’ve worked tirelessly to update our HR software so that it does more to help you manage COVID-19 in your workplace. Here are four of the new and exciting features we’ve added:  

  1. BrightHR: Make staff announcements at the tap of a button

Got an announcement to make to all your staff? No problem.

You can type out an announcement (up to 100 characters) and send it directly to your employees as an in-app notification.

This new feature makes it easier for you to communicate important updates and information to your staff, even while they’re working from home.

  1. BrightHR: Brand-new holiday setting

Here at BrightHR, we listen to customer feedback and after seeing employers call out for more control over their holiday settings, we created this next feature.

Now you can switch on a setting that stops staff from deleting pre-approved holidays without talking to you first.

This new feature will improve communication between you and your staff and help to make sure your people are taking enough downtime, even while they’re in lockdown.

  1. BrightAdvice: Get news updates sent straight to your mobile

The BrightAdvice app is part of our employment law service. It helps you access legal support on the go and see the answers to your most recent HR advice questions.

Now, as part of a new feature, you’ll get instant notifications of breaking news articles sent straight to your mobile. You’ll get alerts for the latest COVID-19 news and articles from BrightHR—saving you from having to scour the internet for the most up-to-date information.    

  1. Blip: Manage staff in various locations

Blip is a clocking in and out app that’s exclusive to BrightHR customers, and now it comes with a new clever geolocation feature.

You use the app to create a geofence—a virtual boundary—around your workplace or an employee’s house. Blip then picks up your employee’s location and asks them to clock in or out. It’s that simple.

This new feature helps you to see exactly where your staff have worked and how long for—which is ideal when managing employees who are working from home.

Plus, as Blip is a completely contactless clocking system, it’s perfect for you and your staff to use during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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