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How BrightHR helps you manage COVID-19 in your workplace

Our software and services are here to support you. Read on to find out more.

Thursday, Mar 19, 2020
3 min read

In these uncertain times, we want to remind you that BrightHR is here to help you manage the COVID-19 pandemic in your workplace.

Here, we break down all our expert software and services and how they can help to support your business during this challenging time.

BrightHR: Our smart HR software

Log sickness with ease

As the government has introduced income protection measures to help employees who are affected by the COVID-19 crisis, it’s important that your records for all coronavirus-related employee absences are accurate. And BrightHR’s software makes it easier for you to do this.  

Whenever an employee’s off work because of the coronavirus, you can log their absence type as ‘Sickness’ or ‘Other’. Then in the notes, you can jot down whether they have symptoms or are self-isolating as a precaution.

For example, if an employee’s self-isolating but continuing to work, you can log their absence as ‘Other’ and record their status in the notes.

To get a clear record of all absences including both fixed and variable hour employees, download the Absence Report in BrightHR. The report lets you filter by absence type and includes any notes made against ‘Sickness or ‘Other’ absences.

We also wanted to let you know that we’re working round the clock to add a new feature that tracks working status for employees who are working from different locations. We’ll update you with more information soon.

Update staff on rota changes

It’s likely that the COVID-19 outbreak will impact your usual schedule and mean that you’ll have to change your rota more frequently. Keeping everyone updated on the changes is challenging but you don’t need to worry, because BrightHR will update your staff for you.

Whenever you make a change to your rota because of coronavirus-related absences, BrightHR sends an automatic push notification to your staff—so they always know where to turn up and when.

Access documents remotely

BrightHR’s secure cloud-based software makes it easier for your employees to access essential documents remotely, which is especially important if your staff are working from home.   

You can upload new files as and when your people need them, and as BrightHR’s document storage is unlimited, you don’t have to worry about running out of storage space.

Blip: Clever clocking in and out app

As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, having staff working from home has become more of a reality for everyone. To help you manage remote working in your business, we’ve worked tirelessly to bring forward our new Blip release.

Our new geolocation feature will now be available to you in the next few days (you’ll get a notification in the app) and it’ll make it easier for you to track your employees’ hours and working location when they’re working remotely.     

To find out more about this new feature and how it’ll help you, read our in-depth feature release blog. You can also download the Blip app now, on iOS and Android, if you haven’t already.

Download Blip timesheet reports

To help you keep a record of your staff working hours (whether at home or in the office), you can download a Blip timesheet report through BrightHR.

As it’s an early access feature, you’ll have to enable it in BrightLabs. To do this, head to Settings, select the BrightLabs tab and click Enable next to Blip timesheet report.

Once you’ve done that, head to Reports and find the Blip timesheet and select Generate new report. From there, you can choose a date range and the employees you want to include in the report. Save it as a CSV file to finish.

BrightAdvice: 24/7 employment law advice

BrightAdvice customers can call our employment law experts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for advice on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our qualified, UK-based advisors can give you practical and up-to-date guidance on such things as Statutory Sick Pay, working from home and self-isolation. Call them now on 1800 279 841.

Bright Wellbeing and Counselling service

It’s extremely important during a crisis such as this one, that you safeguard your employees’ mental health as well as their physical health.

As a Bright Wellbeing & Counselling customer, your employees and their immediate families have access to a 24/7 confidential care line for physical and mental health support.

And remember, this service is available to you too. So if you’d like to speak to someone about any of the difficulties you’re facing right now, you can get confidential and compassionate support from our qualified counsellors. Call them on 1800 279 841**.**

Not a BrightHR customer? To find out more about our software and services and how they can help you manage COVID-19 in your workplace, call us now on 1800 279 841.

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