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Super streamlined and user-friendly, the Turbo Talent Navigator makes hiring new talent easier than ever.

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Easily create your job listing with a click

Job listings represent your company to potential applicants. They’re an important part of promoting your business and need a ton of info.

But you don’t always have the time to sit down and create a comprehensive job description—you have a business to run, after all.

That’s why you need our job listing creator. This secure online tool makes it straightforward to create job roles and share them with your management team.

The Turbo Talent Navigator then places all of your roles into a central hub where you can view, manage, and edit them. As a result, you’ll build up a database of job listings to use when hiring.

Securely manage job applicants online

The Turbo Talent Navigator’s smart system helps you keep an eye on who applies for your role. It’ll also store their files and keep you up to date with the status of their application.

  • checkAll applicants’ details in one place: Keep track of names, contact numbers and more in easy-to-read profiles.
  • checkSecure file storage: Hold onto CVs, cover letters, portfolios and more, attached to each profile.
  • checkStay on track: Handy status markers to track what stage every applicant is at, who’s your top pick, and who doesn’t quite fit the role.
  • checkGet organised in a click: The status markers make it easy to bulk select, update, and delete multiple items on your dashboard.
  • checkKeep connected on the go: Manage your recruitment wherever you are with the free mobile app, available on Android.

Learn more with our BrightHR expert

Watch our short video to discover the Turbo Talent Navigator and how it changes your talent search for the better.

Develop your own skills with free guides

BrightHR’s expert team have packed the Turbo Talent Navigator with essential resources and templates to improve your own recruitment skills. This includes:

  • checkA handbook full of tips and tricks for your interviews.
  • checkA job description template, to help you create the perfect listing.
  • checkA job offer letter template, to make sure you give all the details your new recruit needs to join your team. This is really important to retain new staff

Free recruitment advice when you need it

You’ve got your listing, your candidates, and your documents. But there are plenty of other things to keep in mind when hiring new staff.

What about the conditions of job offers? You may have driving licence requirements, or specific equality and diversity policies. There are plenty of questions that can spring up when you’re expanding your team.

The Turbo Talent Navigator includes a handy helpline to give instant answers to any pressing questions that may come up during your hiring process.

It’s staffed by Ireland-based, qualified HR experts, who are ready to support you with everything from government legislation to questions regarding an applicant’s social media posts.

Ditch the paperwork and turbo-charge your talent search with our exclusive online tool.