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HR Heartbeat: The summer of strikes, changes to PSW qualifications and….

This week’s HR Heartbeat dives into why more workers are striking, why federally regulated employers may face costly penalties and recent changes to PSW qualification requirements.

Tuesday, Oct 03, 2023

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HR Heartbeat: Off to the ballots, bereavement leave for pets, and....

This week's HR Heartbeat examines whether employees need time off to grieve a pet, changes to employers' responsibilities for telecommuting employees and more.

Tuesday, Sep 19, 2023

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HR Heartbeat: Workplace investigation blunders, public pocket raiders and…

This week’s HR Heartbeat explores why proper workplace investigations are vital when you suspect employee misconduct. Plus, find out why employers should be prepared for minimum wage increases.

Tuesday, Sep 05, 2023

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HR Heartbeat: Drinking on the job, back to school for truckers and….

This week, we explore the importance of accommodating employee disability, how unclear contracts lead to wrongful dismissal wins and why B.C. truckers are heading back to school

Tuesday, Aug 22, 2023

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HR Heartbeat: Death to 3-day bereavement leaves, sexual misconduct in the workplace and...

This week, learn how employers can nip sexual misconduct in the workplace in the bud, why you may need French lessons, plus what leave entitlement is increasing in Manitoba.

Wednesday, Aug 09, 2023

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OHSA inspections, much ado about overtime limitations and...

This week’s HR Heartbeat breaks down OHSA inspections and recent overtime rulings that may affect employers in Alberta.

Tuesday, Jul 25, 2023

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