Why are you working so hard? Is it time to start working lazy?

We think it's time.

First published on Thursday, Aug 13, 2020

Last updated on Tuesday, Aug 22, 2017

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With every technological breakthrough comes the promise of increased efficiency and a potentially easier life. What used to take days or even months can now be achieved in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. Whilst there’s no doubting technology has made many aspects of life easier, when it comes to work have we really benefitted? Yes, we can complete tasks quicker, but for many workers, we now seem to be busier than ever.

Technology has combined with certain socio-economic factors to blur the work-life balance. It now seems almost normal to check emails outside of your contracted hours. A culture of presenteeism (being present at work for more hours than is required) has developed in an effort to climb that all-important career ladder. Stress and mental health issues continue to be a problem and are actually on the rise. Workers feel more reluctant to take their full allocation of holiday entitlement due to a variety of pressures and coming in early and staying late is now almost expected in many businesses. The technology was meant to make work easier, not harder. So why are we so busy?

Here at BrightHR, we’ve been thinking about the issue of ‘busyness’, especially when it comes to managing your people, and we believe we have a simple solution - work lazy.

When it comes to work there’s a difference between being lazy and working lazy. Being lazy means you avoid work at all costs, working lazy means you work smarter. When you work lazy you concentrate on the things that matter, you prioritise tasks that help your business grow, you free up time to think and develop yourself, your productivity increases and you’re happier and more satisfied with life.

That's why we've developed the Lazy Manifesto, your guide to working smarter, working more effectively and working lazy. In this, we outline the 6 principles of working lazy:

  1. Always ask yourself "why"
  2. Be prepared to say "no"
  3. Focus your energy and keep it simple
  4. Move towards automation
  5. Give yourself a break
  6. Stop trying to be a hero

So why be a busy fool? Be a lazy genius and download your copy of the Lazy Manifesto today

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