Don’t waste time with old-fashioned clocking systems

Bring your clocking processes bang up to date with Blip—the exclusive mobile app.

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Bring your clocking in system into the 21st century

We get it. You’re a busy business owner, you can’t be recording staff hours with old-school systems, piles of paper, and getting your people to punch the employee time clock like it’s the 1980s…

It’s why you need Blip. It’s the modern time tracking app that lets your staff clock in and out of work using just their mobile phones, so you can see who’s working and where at the tap of a button.

And with the chore of logging work hours passed over to your people, your time is freed up to do what you do best—running your business.

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global clock-ins using Blip!

Here’s how your new favourite clocking in app works…

There are two ways to use Blip’s employee time-tracking app, and you decide which one is right for you:

  • checkSet up geolocations with ease

Set up a geofence (a virtual boundary) around your workplace either on web or the app. When your employees enter or leave the geofence, the app’s GPS picks up their location and prompts them to clock in or out with the app—clever, huh?

And remember, a workplace can be anywhere. So staff can use Blip even if they’re working from home, giving you peace of mind that you always know where and when your people are working.

  • checkSimply scan a QR code

You can also use Blip to generate a QR code to print off for your workplace. Staff scan the code when they start and finish work, or go on a break, and the simple time-tracking app records their work hours and location. Simple.

How your clocking in and out app keeps you in line with the law

You might trust your team—but you can’t just take their word when it comes to working hours…

Because the Working Time Regulations require employers to keep official records. So if you’re ever asked for it, you can provide evidence of staff hours, breaks and overtime.

But don’t fret—Blip has your back. Our nifty clocking in app for UK employers helps you protect your people and your business by letting you:

  • checkLog core working hours and locations.
  • checkMake sure staff are taking enough breaks.
  • checkRecord all overtime.
  • checkExport and save work history for an individual employee or your whole team.

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