The benefits of HRMS

How digital software can improve your business’ HR productivity.

First published on Wednesday, Jun 24, 2020

Last updated on Thursday, Mar 14, 2024

Managing your daily, monthly, and annual HR activities is time-consuming.

In the past, maintaining everything alongside your business processes (and a mass of data) was tough going for any business.

These days, digital HR software makes it all a lot easier. There are many advantages of using it—and in this feature we explain how to improve your business’ running.

What is HRMS?  

A human resources management system (HRMS—sometimes referred to as HRIS) is HR software that merges systems and processes to make your daily business functioning easier.

Keep in mind, also, that some professionals refer to the technology as a human resource information system (HRIS). Is there a difference?

No, whether it’s HRMS or HRIS what’s on offer is exactly the same. The software effectively allows you to keep control of HR tasks such as:

Simply put, an online HRMS system simplifies your processes into one piece of software. That makes your life easier.

But the advantages are a bit more detailed than that, so let’s take a closer look at them.

HRMS software features

There are important features that make a good HRIS—they’ll help your business in various ways. These include:

  • Employee scheduling tools, such as easily managing staff shift patterns, setting KPIs, and tracking progress.
  • Gather essential information about your staff members and business performance—with newfound levels of analytics and reporting, you can make informed business decisions.
  • Manage payroll effectively—never miss another staff payday.
  • Spot training opportunities amongst members of staff, allowing you to manage their career progression within your business.
  • Maintain your HR activities in a central hub to keep track of your operations.

The benefits of human resource management systems

Right, so HRMS can simplify your daily business running. But what sort of ROI (that’s return on investment) can your business expect?

  • Easily handle simple HR activities: With open source HRMS you reduce the number of repetitive tasks your HR team once had to handle. Such as extensive admin work—that’s now automated. So there’s a reduction of repetitive task time, allowing them to focus on work that is more important.
  • Improve your employees’ experience: Innovative web-based HRIS can help your employees go about their daily lives. And it also looks the part—rather than reams of paper records, a modern system does away with clutter for a clean working environment.
  • Efficiently monitor employee KPIs: HRMS can also easily help your business keep track of information such as lateness, absenteeism, and if the likes of maternity leave are ahead.
  • Make better business decisions: With easy access to employee and other essential HR data, you can make more informed decisions about pressing business matters. And the level of accuracy will also rise—no more searching through paperwork.
  • Easily meet legal compliance: As HR and employment laws regularly change, using open source HRMS software ensures you can quickly adapt to new regulations (such as GDPR in recent years).
  • Streamline payroll: Stop any errors with wages. Ensure the process is automatic—it takes a lot of pressure off each month, knowing everyone will receive pay on time.
  • Go paperless: With your computer software, there’s much less need to keep paper around. That dream of a paperless office? It’s becoming a reality thanks to the digital revolution.

There are others, of course, but you’ll come across more of them once you have the software.

Sound interesting? Get in touch and we’ll talk you through everything HRMS has to offer.

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