Holiday entitlement for part-time workers

Easily work out how much time off they can claim.

All of your employees and workers can all have time off with holiday days. But the amount varies a lot between full and part-time staff.

So, we’re here to explain the amount workers have if they’re not with you on a full-time basis.

How much holiday is a part-time employee entitled to?

Workers have a minimum of 5.6 weeks’ of holiday leave-with pay-each leave year. That’s what we refer to as statutory leave entitlement. Or “annual leave”.

28 days is the minimum amount of leave for those who work 5 days a week. It’s 5 x 5.6 = 28. So for part-time staff, holidays should be representative of their typical working week.

And it affects agency workers, individuals with irregular hours, or those on zero-hour contracts.

What about public holidays?

For the likes of bank holidays, you shouldn’t treat these staff members less favourably. And this includes when the likes of bank holidays take place.

You should keep in mind these days tend to fall on Mondays. This means if the part-time employee isn’t working on that day, they could receive fewer days off.

The result here is some businesses offer pro rata bank holiday entitlement. This helps them to get the right number of bank holidays in return.

Your businesses doesn’t have to do that, but it’s

How to calculate part-time staff holiday entitlement

This is possible to do yourself using a basic formula. For example, if they work three days a week then it’s:

  • 3 x 5.6—that amounts to 16.8 days of leave annually.

So it’s basically 5.6 multiplied by the number of working days. From that you’ll find out their part-time holiday entitlement.

It’s good business practice to work that out as soon as possible, so your workers know what they have available to them when they start their role.

You can also use a part-time holiday calculator, such as on the official government site.

It’s a pro rata annual leave calculator, which means it’ll work out what the worker has available given their reduced hours.

You can [streamline your holiday processes using a staff holiday planner], which makes it easier to handle annual leave requests.

And that’ll help you to work out the amount of holiday entitlement for part-time workers.

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