Why use an online rota?

Why a schedule will ensure your productivity rises.

In the digital era, many new pieces of technology have allowed businesses to streamline their day-to-day business activities.

One of the best new options is in the form of automated, reactive rota software. There’s a wealth of rotas online to take advantage of. And they help your business to improve on an operational level.

They also offer your employees with accessible schedule checking options.

But your business can also save time and money with rota and shift software. And you can find out how in our exclusive guide.

What are online rotas?

It’s a piece of software that lets you manage your scheduling. You’ll have access to automated software that lets you, in real-time, update your schedules as and when you need to.

Bear in mind that, compared to the past, this is a brilliant and streamlined way to go about your rota making requirements.

The benefits for your employees

For managers, with an online roster they can move away from the lengthy process of pen and paper to manage their team.

Online rota systems provide your employees with the following:

  • Easy access to the schedule.
  • Holiday requests readily available.
  • Avoid conflict clashes.
  • Swap shifts in real-time.
  • Provide feedback to employees.

Simply put, if you have a staff rota online then your employees will greatly appreciate it. The software is easily accessible and it benefits them directly.

And it’s worth taking a closer look at some of those advantages.

For example (and this is also a big plus for your business), schedule conflicts will be a thing of the past. They won’t arrive any longer and wonder why they’ve clashed with someone else.

This is crucial for your business as it can be a frustrating time for staff if you’ve over or understaffed. Getting it right saves everyone a lot of hassle.

Add to this the fact employees no longer need to travel into work to see what time they’re on. They can check from their device—as with above, this is a great time saver and reduces a lot of stress for them.

They can also swap shifts or take more hours much more easily than in the past.

Plus, they can effectively manage their holiday time or sick days.

All of which make it a great deal easier for them then going through a wall of documents to chronicle their needs.

The benefits for your business

Your online staff rota is also, of course, a big plus for your business—managers in particular love the ease of use it provides.

The most obvious perks for your organisation include:

  • Stopping over or understaffing.
  • Automate your procedures and update them in real-time.
  • Appeal to your workforce with modern technology.
  • Save money by cutting out on scheduling mistakes, such as employees arriving at the wrong times.
  • Store your data securely in the cloud.
  • Save time—your managers will cut hours off their monthly scheduling with accessible software.

There’s also the aspect of actually creating your shift planner online.

You can create one, or more, to manage your workforce as you need. And within each schedule you can:

  • Use filters to edit a shift with ease. This will also update them about the change, so they’ll know automatically.
  • Add notes into your rota as a reminder to employees.
  • Print off a version for your records, if needs to.
  • Automate everything in real-time.

It’s very much “people management on the go”, as we call it.

An all-encompassing piece of software that lets you keep on top of your schedules almost effortlessly—although you’ll still have to add all your details in.

We can’t help you there. But, at the very least, you can now bin the paperwork for good and sit back to enjoy a new era of managing your rotas.

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