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  • Name

    Paula Slater

  • Job title

    HR Manager

  • Company

    Vending Solutions

  • Industry

    Business services

  • Website

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Features used:

The challenge

“Before BrightHR we used to track all of our holidays manually.”

Vending Solutions Ltd supplies vending machinery to customers like hospitals and leisure centres across the UK. The company has two sites in Southampton and Dartford, as well as teams working all over the country, so HR Manager Paula needed a way to help manage the workforce.

“Before BrightHR we tracked holidays through a calendar on the wall, so the process involved a lot more work”, Paula explains. “The absence management process involved a lot more hoops to get through with the paper trail involved.”

The solution

“Everything is in one place and we know who to contact if we need anything.”

“The app that you use is very fresh, easy to use and BrightHR is quick to get back to you. I needed some support in the initial stages and BrightHR was always on the case quickly.”

Using BrightHR has saved Paula time, giving managers the tools they need to plan: “We’re allowing managers to be accountable for their team and make decisions about who’s off now that they can see that information at a quick glance, all without having to come directly to myself or the MD. BrightHR has given us the autonomy to do that.”

“I would definitely say to go with BrightHR having used it. I like the platform, it’s very easy to use and I think that’s important.”

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