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HR Heartbeat: Diverse holidays, wage waiting game, and...

Here’s the update on the impending national minimum wage update, an unfair dismissal that never was, diversity and discrimination, and more.

Friday, Apr 05, 2024

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HR Heartbeat: NSW’s mental illness epidemic, gender pay reporting, and...

Get the update on the Government’s superannuation update, the WGEA’s name and shame game, the update on non-compete clauses and more.

Monday, Mar 18, 2024

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HR Heartbeat: Loopholes closed by Royal Assent, non-compete clause concerns, and...

See the changes coming through the Closing Loopholes legislation, how the CBA has been caught in the underpayment act, and an alleged misconduct incident that was missing necessary context.

Thursday, Feb 29, 2024

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HR Heartbeat: The latest updates on the Closing Loopholes Bill, leap year advice, and...

This week’s edition of HR Heartbeat is all about preparing you for irregular events that can throw spanners in your people management processes. Plus, get an update on the Closing Loopholes Bill, and more.

Friday, Feb 16, 2024

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HR Heartbeat: Updates to the FWIS, helicopter management, and...

The year began with updates to the NES, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to employment relations changes. From an unheard dismissal to updates to employee authorised deductions, this week’s edition covers it all.

Friday, Feb 02, 2024

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HR Heartbeat: 2024 dawns, employment numbers break records, and...

A new year begins for employers and employment laws, 2023 ends with the final phase of increased weekend penalty rates for the Hair and Beauty Award, and more in the first HR Heartbeat for this year.

Wednesday, Jan 03, 2024

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