Public Holidays: Tools to Prepare Your Business for Easter Weekend

Public holidays can mean some time off and rest and relaxation. But for businesses it can mean increased foot traffic, hectic work schedules, and potential holidays for staff and employees. Australian employment laws are among some of the most complex legal systems in the world. Business owners and employers must keep track of legislation, ensure they are meeting their obligations and are paying their staff correctly.

Jessica Van Der Walt, Head of Operations at BrightHR ANZ commented

“With the upcoming public holidays, keeping track of employee rosters and holidays can be a challenge for small business owners. With the advancement of technology, the need to automate manual tasks such as holiday tracking and rostering is highly important.”

“This is why BrightHR, an award-winning software tool introduced a time-management app, Blip which helps employers to keep track of their employees working hours and stay in complete control of their business,” concluded Jessica.

Time-tracking continues to wreak havoc for employers, especially with the introduction of flexible, remote and hybrid working models. Employers are continuously pushed to the backfoot, having to come up with responses to dynamic working situations and, a long public holiday weekend seems to be just adding to their woes.

David Price, CEO at BrightHR ANZ, commented,

“To date, managers and staff using BrightHR have logged 128,000 staff holidays and clocked in to work 3.1 million times! We’re thrilled to see this scale of growth in Australia. Not only is it a credit to our customer loyalty here, it also demonstrates the global demand for smart, reliable, HR software. We are excited to continue building better businesses,” concluded Mr Price.

Award-winning smart HR software, BrightHR, recently reached a milestone in Australia with over 20,000 businesses now using their transformative people management tools. Since its initial launch, the company has experienced an increase in uptake and daily usage. With brand new legislation and employment systems shifting in Australia, it is a time of innovation for small business owners and employers. BrightHR has crunched the numbers from over one million users to reveal key areas SMEs need to make sure they’re up to date on how to prevent and protect themselves from potential risks.

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