Five advantages of BrightHR vs other HR software providers

Read the 5 advantages of BrightHR software vs other HR software providers…

First published on Friday, Oct 27, 2023

Last updated on Monday, Dec 04, 2023

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Business owners have faced an unmatched number of challenges in the last few years. With rapid changes to the world of work and the way we work—businesses have had to adapt, and fast!

From remote and hybrid working to staff engagement trends like quiet quitting and the great resignation, the complexities of modern working have never been quite this intricate. Add a dash of economic uncertainty and you’ve got the concoction for a serious HR headache.

So, in this fast-paced and constantly changing world, now is the perfect time to find a solution for your business that can keep up with changing employment legislation, employee demands, and expanding employer needs.

Unlike some more outdated HRIS and HR systems, BrightHR has been designed as an end-to-end solution to help you not only meet these challenges, but overcome, adapt, AND set your business up for success.

Read on to find out exactly how our user experience and features stack up against the HR and people management software tools we’ve reviewed on the market. And find out why 100,000 business owners chose BrightHR over any other provider…

Why business owners choose BrightHR over other providers…

  • “I love the new features that are being developed all the time that keep making my working life easier. And it gives me more time to do my actual job!” – Anna Ganley, Society of Authors
  • “The constant upgrading of features is great, it feels that like it’s ever evolving” – Michele Hunter, Lagardère Travel Retail
  • “BrightHR is user-friendly and easy to use. The apps are great and make HR processes like vacation and absence management so easy” – Sandra Welch, Seafarer’s Hospital Society
  • “Having access to an HR/employment relations specialist at the end of the phone is invaluable”– Aimee Hunt, Smart Play Network

Why choosing a provider that focuses on the bigger picture pays off

Most business owners we speak to have one problem in mind they want to solve and are looking for one specific feature they believe will fix it.

But this isn’t end-to-end! Why solve just one short-term problem when you can solve ALL your HR problems long-term?

Finding an HR software solution that connects everything is essential and can save you crucial time and money, AND manage all aspects of a modern-day working environment in one.

The average company has at least three to five systems in place to manage their business day-to-day—that’s a lot of different systems to get your head around, never mind the cost. But with BrightHR, you have multiple systems rolled into one package and one price that’s a whopping NINE times cheaper!

So, what can BrightHR do for your business? Here are five features you’re unlikely to see from any other HR software provider…

1. Meet your training requirements with EASE

With even our most basic BrightHR package you get access to the easiest-to-use Learning Management System on the market that’s fully integrated into your HR software.

Meet all your health & safety training requirements and stay in line with regulations from relevant authorities with courses that are developed in line with industry standards.

Plus, it’s super user-friendly. All you need to do is allocate a learning manager on your team to start assigning courses to your staff and track their progress. Cost-effective team training never looked so good!

Don’t pass up on the opportunity to offer your staff professional development that keeps them engaged and prepared with industry knowledge that benefits your business.

Discover BrightLearn

2. Get instant employment advice in your pocket

Powered by AI but backed up by real employment relations professionals, BrightLightning is a tool that gives you lightning-fast answers to your complex HR and health & safety questions.

BrightLightning has been described as a lifeline for small business owners who don’t have the time or resources to research employment law questions alongside running a business. And no other HR software provider on the market has a tool quite like it.

If you’re in an HR or health & safety pinch and need advice, you can rely on BrightLightning and save on expensive legal fees. Simply ask a question to get an accurate answer even if you’re on the move.

Try it today: Ask BrightLightning a FREE question

3. FREE, unlimited business advertising AND staff perks

Grow your business and shrink your ad spend. Join global brands like Myprotein, Mio Skincare, LookFantastic, The Body Shop, and more and advertise your business to 1 million+ potential global customers on our FREE online marketplace.

According to our latest research, we’re still the only HR software provider with a FREE online marketplace.

Plus, when you join BrightHR you gain access to employee perks and money-saving discounts to reward staff and keep them happy, onboard, and engaged!

  • Create and publish unlimited ads in a matter of minutes.
  • Attract and retain staff with access to thousands of offers.
  • Drive up your sales with our global, online business community.

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4. Reward and recognize your staff’s achievements

Empower and incentivize your team with BrightHR’s employee recognition platform. A little bit of praise goes a long way in an age where staff retention is challenging. Plus, with BrightHR you can gamify the process and make it fun and interactive. Keeping staff happy and performing at their best!

  • Instantly spot and celebrate top performers.
  • Encourage better teamwork with employee rewards.
  • Boost motivation and productivity with a live leaderboard.
  • Improve team culture and watch your retention rates soar.

Power up with employee praise

5. Easily track trends like absence, retention, and engagement so you can keep improving

One-size-fits-all reporting doesn’t give you the insights you need to manage your people effectively.

But that was before customized reporting…

  • Pull customized employee reports in minutes.
  • Add as many easy-to-edit fields as you like.
  • Easily spot absence and staff trends.

Cut your admin time in half and get straight to the data you need to make faster decisions.

Easier more informed people management is just a click away!

See BrightHR’s custom reporting in action

We’re also the ONLY HR and health & safety software provider on the market offering you FULL transparency and confidence in your future with us.

Find out what’s coming up by visiting our online roadmap below. Become the first to know about the upcoming features taking even MORE admin burden off your shoulders.

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