Transforming people management: Why 100,000 customers trust BrightHR

We’ve hit 100,000 customers worldwide! That’s 100k business owners who are enjoying better, easier, faster, more cost-effective people management.

First published on Monday, Oct 16, 2023

Last updated on Monday, Oct 16, 2023

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Since our launch, BrightHR has been committed to supporting businesses of all sizes and across all industries to navigate their toughest challenges.

From the uncertainty of the pandemic years to hiring the right people during the current global talent shortage—our mission has remained the same. To help businesses not just survive, but actively grow their profits, simplify their people management, and build better businesses.

We’ve grown from humble beginnings—building from a team of five people and one iOS mobile app in 2015, to five apps and 100,000 customers around the world.

We’ve experienced first-hand the struggles that small business owners go through. Including keeping up with changing employment laws, having the right employee policies to avoid legal action, and juggling the multiple other roles business owners have to take on without falling short of any of them.

It’s this granular understanding that’s allowed us to develop an HR and health & safety solution that’s accessible to all businesses small, medium, or large—whether they’re a local café, a nursing home, or a well-known franchise.

Now, eight years later, we’re proud to support businesses on three continents and serve over 100,000 clients worldwide.

And we haven’t done this by sitting still; our experts are constantly evolving our adaptive software to meet your unique business challenges.

To us, that evolution has taken the form of our VaccTrak that’s recorded over 225,000+ vaccinations around the world and helped employers promptly follow health guidelines during the pandemic to better protect their people. Or Praise, our employee recognition platform introduced a few months ago when it became clear that, in the age of hybrid work, employers need a productivity and motivation-boosting tool to support their work culture.

That’s why we’re proud to reveal our very first interactive report Bright’s Blueprints: Leaders in Tech. It’s the first report of this kind from an HR software company to give you a transparent look at all the products and services we’ve invested in so far and a clear overview of what we’ve got planned for the upcoming year and beyond.

This is all part of our vision to remove the barriers of high-cost solutions that would typically only be available from a faceless corporation. Because we believe that transparency is key to being a top provider.

Taking a look back at everything we’ve achieved in the past year alone helps us set our sights on all the milestones to come and crucially, to put our customers first.

Our report sheds light on: * The 5,000+ hours our readily drafted HR and health & safety documents have saved clients in admin time.
* How one top advertiser earned $140,000 in just two months by posting a free ad on our online marketplace, BrightExchange. * The thousands of dollars our expense tracker app, PoP has helped businesses retain in tax savings. * The 40,000+ hours of FREE training employees like yours are growing and benefiting from. * The 100+ document templates each of our clients have downloaded to meet their record-keeping obligations without the hassle of starting from scratch. * The new product and feature releases—from an easy-to-use Learning Management System to accurate custom reporting—helping you meet training obligations and stay compliant. * Our 2024 roadmap of all our future releases, so you know exactly what you have to look forward to from BrightHR like our imminent end-to-end payroll solution, or our upcoming performance management tool. Helping you make the best decision for your future and covering your needs long-term. * How we’re putting our user feedback front and centre—and the pivotal features that our customer feedback has already introduced.

We are proudly serving 100,000 businesses and our aim is to continue creating a great product that is:

  1. Easy to use with user-friendly software that cuts your time in half.

  2. Intuitive by developing features that matter most to you.

  3. Cost-effective by offering fixed-term contracts and price protection.

These three pillars are central to your experience with us, and they allow us to make sure all our upcoming features listed in our brand-new roadmap come at no extra cost to your package—giving you great value for money.

Not to mention our exceptional service and expert advice powered by our people to power up your people management.

BrightHR empowers you to build a better business, because:
* We care. * We take action. * We innovate. * We inform.

And above all, we do the right thing to ensure you have a Brighter future.

It’s been a busy year at BrightHR, but we’re not slowing down. And our interactive report Bright’s Blueprints: Leaders in Tech is our way of bringing you along on our journey.

Take a peek into the HR and health & safety software tools of the future, what we do to solve the people management challenges businesses need solutions to, and how the 100,000 clients building a better business with our support have left their mark on BrightHR software.

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