BREAKING: 2022 Sees HR stress at record levels

In 2022, HR stress is at record levels, which is bad news for managers who juggle it alongside their business. Read on to find out more...

First published on Monday, Feb 14, 2022

Last updated on Monday, Feb 14, 2022

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Most of us are back in the workplace, but there’s still plenty of uncertainty and stress in the air. You might have focused on trying to assure your colleagues and provide a stable backbone over the past two years, but what about you?

Research highlighted HR staff across the country as being the most at risk of change fatigue–as much as 66% of HR teams have said they feel stressed or fatigued, according to HR Magazine UK.

What is change fatigue?

Understanding change fatigue is easier than you might expect. You’re naturally resistant to large, sweeping changes in life, leisure, and work. If you keep experiencing changes to your social situation, your environment, or your workload, it can really wear you down over time.

You may think you’re immune—but if you’re running low on energy, feeling anxious, or dreading the next government announcement, it’s likely that you’re suffering from change fatigue.

And HR staff suffer the most from it? Really?

It seems a little odd at first glance, right? But give it a second thought. HR staff juggle new government guidelines, staff illness, annual leave, absence, and isolation more than any other department or sector.

This only makes things worse when you’re a small business. If you’re acting as your own HR department, as well as a manager, you’re probably feeling twice the level of stress.

You’re right, I am. How come?

You’re more likely to forget your own wellbeing when the entire workforce is in turmoil due to the pandemic. It can all seem like an endless battle–getting back to work, the end of lockdown, and dealing with returning staff during a time of restrictions and guidelines.

If you’re learning about the guidelines from news headlines, those knee-jerk reactions will hit you hard. Cue sleepless nights, piles of paperwork, coffee galore, and complete burnout. You’re suffering from a lack of certainty.

You may not have the resources to hire HR staff, consultancy services are ridiculously expensive (often charging extortionate hourly rates), and the advice you’re receiving is more confusing than it is helpful. If change fatigue is rearing its head for you, don’t panic! We have the answers…

So, how can I combat change fatigue?

Try BrightHR. It’s an award-winning HR software that helps you to cut out the stress and simplify your HR processes. Here’s how it helps you…

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