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HR Heartbeat: AI interviews, rising expenses, and...

The unexpected way AI has changed recruitment and all the ways it could backfire on employers, another underpayment fiasco, and an unfair dismissal case that was never a dismissal. See it all in this week’s Heartbeat.

Friday, Nov 03, 2023

Industry news

HR Heartbeat: Holiday compliance, dying agreements, and...

This week’s HR update is the heads-up you need before heading into the holiday season. Plus, get the lowdown on zombie agreements, compliance notices, and this unfair dismissal.

Friday, Oct 27, 2023

Industry news

HR Heartbeat: Underpaid migrant workers, mental health, and...

This week’s HR Heartbeat gets into the weeds of the protections for migrant workers in Australia, updates to the CFMMEU, and an unfair dismissal case rooted in bullying.

Friday, Oct 20, 2023

Employee wellbeing

Bionic Reading And ADHD: Effective Ways To Support Your Staff

Bionic Reading, what it is, and how it can help staff with ADHD and dyslexia in the workplace this ADHD awareness month.

Wednesday, Oct 18, 2023

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HR Heartbeat: Skills drought, awards review, and...

In this week’s HR Heartbeat, talent shortages leave recruiters with their work cut out for them, the awards review gets a short timeline, and an employer avoids an unfair dismissal fine with thorough documentation.

Friday, Oct 13, 2023

Industry news

HR Heartbeat: Labour Day, enforceable undertakings, and...

Daylight saving, happiness at work, clocks shifting, labour day and so much more. This week’s HR Heartbeat is packed to the brim with employment relations warnings, and insights employers need.

Friday, Sep 29, 2023

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