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When you need an immediate answer, Bright Brainbox is there. How it works:

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And if you need more information than what you get, don’t worry. Directly in our Brainbox platform are phone numbers to our experienced advisers ready to support you – anywhere, anytime!

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1000s of answers to the most pressing HR and health & safety questions

Issues arise all the time! Legislation changes even more! And sometimes you need immediate answers to all sorts of topics such as:

  • Do I have to suspend someone if they are being investigated for gross misconduct?
  • How do I respond to a flexible working request?
  • Can I fire an employee for being on long-term sick leave?

As employers, you can’t be expected to have all the answers all the time, but legally you have an obligation to give the right answers no matter what.

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A Guide to HR Software

A Guide to HR Software

Thursday, Aug 17, 2023

Your guide to choosing the right HR software

The right HR software can become the backbone of your business. But there’s lots to consider when choosing your provider.

From a handy checklist of the features you need to look for, to the risks that software can help you avoid, our Guide to HR Software covers it all.

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Get the answers you need by calling our experienced team of advisors on our direct advice line.

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