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Online staff rosters and open shifts software

Schedule shifts, record time & attendance to automatically filling vacant roles with NEW OPEN SHIFT feature with BrightHR's rota planner.

  • checkCreate a single roster, or several at once, in record time—every time.
  • checkNot at your desk? Not a problem. Manage work rosters on the go with the BrightHR shift planner app—and notify your staff instantly.
  • checkBe confident your people know where to be and when. No more excuses someone didn’t see that shift swap…
  • checkStay organised with accurate records of previous and upcoming staff rosters and save them in your unlimited cloud storage space.
  • checkReclaim your time to do what you do best—running your business.
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Welcome to a new era of work rosters & NEW FEATURE: OPEN SHIFTS!

Still writing out rosters by hand? Creating complicated spreadsheets? Chasing up staff on the phone to confirm availability? Come on, you’re far too good for that!

Our smart roster planner makes it quick and easy to create rosters, add shifts, and assign staff—and publish your rosters online in minutes.

PLUS – NOW including OPEN Shifts.

Open shifts enables you as the employer to release shifts that are unfilled to your staff, giving real time alerts to your staff so they can pick the shift on a first come first served basis – automatically filling it.

Never have a shift left open and give your staff a chance to easily pick up shifts anywhere, anytime.

Our Roster tool with Open Shifts is the best roster management tool in the market. Check it out!

Sophisticated online staff roster software—kept simple

We know you’re too busy for fancy management talk and business buzzwords, which is why we’re going to keep it simple. Our roster management software works like this:

  • checkCreate rosters, add shifts, assign staff—and upload the roster in an instant.
  • checkCopy shifts and duplicate rosters—there’s no need to start from scratch every time.
  • checkUse the filters to easily edit someone’s shift and let them know about changes straight away.
  • checkDecide which staff can accept or decline shifts to give your team ultimate flexibility.
  • checkNeed to remind someone to do a task or be somewhere? Just add a note to the shift for them to read.
  • checkStill want a hard copy for your records? No worries. Just press print.

Always on the go? Use the smart BrightHR shift app

Running a business often involves a lot of running around—so you need roster software that lets you manage your staff shifts on the move.

BrightHR’s free iOS and Android app lets you easily manage everybody’s shifts from your smartphone. Our work roster app even sends staff instant notifications of new shifts. They can also use the app to request time off, so you always know who’s available to work when you’re planning rosters.

So whether you’re running to meetings or you have staff working in different locations, everyone can see the most up-to-date roster on their phones.

See BrightHR’s awesome shift scheduling software in action

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