Overtime Tracker

Don’t work overtime tracking your staff’s overtime

Reward employees' extra working hours with our award-winning Overtime Tracker

  • Be certain of extra hours worked with clear records
  • Approve or decline overtime requests in real-time
  • Choose between overtime pay or time off in lieu
  • Run payroll smoothly with accurate reporting

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Always keep on top of your staff overtime

Managing staff overtime can be tough. Forgetting to track additional hours? Don't believe they worked 3 extra hours? BrightHR’s overtime tracker helps you eliminate guesswork.

  • Reward your staff with payable overtime or time off in lieu (TOIL)
  • Let staff log their own additional hours—right down to the minute
  • Generate full, downloadable reports so you know who’s owed what
  • Get instant notifications for new and updated overtime requests
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Choose how you reward your staff’s extra hours

Our overtime tracker lets you choose how to reward your staff whether it's time off in lieu (TOIL), payable overtime, or a hybrid of both.

  • Gain a clear view of your staff’s hours and pay rates
  • View, edit or cancel overtime requests in seconds
  • Keep staff updated on how much TOIL balance they have left
  • Easily plan ahead with an overview of your employees’ TOIL hours
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Simplify your payroll with up-to-the-minute logs

Our Overtime Tracker makes it simple to pay your staff correctly and on time without missing a beat, and proves that extra hours needn’t throw a spanner in your payroll function.

  • Give your staff control over their hours with easy time-tracking
  • Generate and download accurate timesheet reports
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What our customers say about BrightHR

People Management in our business has been transformed into an area that I can now operate in a higher professional and confident manner, due to the patient advice from Bright HR

Andrea Snodgrass
YP Recycling

When we started using BrightHR we realised how efficient the platform is for us, it saved a lot of time, money, and stress. It helps cover my whole HR admin tasks for a fraction of the price.

Ankit Chalany

Since using BrightHR, our staff and roster management have improvement significantly. It has become so much easier for us to manage our human resource either staff file or staff rostering. We've also experienced a significant improvement in terms of staff communication.

JMJ Disability Serv Pty Limited

Make accurate time-tracking easy with the Blip app

The free Blip iOS or Android app lets your employees clock in or out with just their mobile.

  • Know who’s on, off, or on a break with real-time updates
  • Prompt forgetful staff to log their hours with auto-alerts
  • Enable remote working with secure geolocation tracking
  • Make sure your staff are working the right hours
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See our handy Overtime Tracker in action!

Discover just how much simpler our Overtime Tracker makes everyday tasks—from timesheets to payroll. Our video gives you a quick introduction to everything you need to know.

But if you want to see what your business could look like with this tracker in your toolkit, book a free demo with our experts today.

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Discover what more BrightHR has to offer

Never be understaffed thanks to easy-to-use absence management software that gives you real-time notifications and a centralised method of keeping track.

Carry your electronic filing system in your pocket with unlimited document storage space. Upload, store, and view documents in seconds.

Create, assign, and edit shifts and rosters with ease across ANY working pattern. Plus bring flexibility with our new open shifts feature.

Make your staff holiday management a breeze. Approve holiday requests on the go, get notified of clashes, and get a single view of your entire teams schedule.

Get a real-time view of who’s clocked in, out, or on a break by letting staff clock their own hours on our Blip App.

Get the right person for the job every time by tracking, storing, organising, and managing your applicants from job openings to onboarding.

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Q. Do I legally need to pay my staff overtime or can I give them time off in lieu?

Most employees need to be paid for their overtime hours. However, some awards and enterprise agreements do provide for time off in lieu instead of direct payment for extra hours worked. You just need to make sure that you’re following the law when you’re making a call about your overtime rewards.

Be confident you’re doing the right thing for your employees and the law by getting in touch with our team of employment relations advisers on BrightAdvice. They’re available 24/7 to answer all your urgent questions.

Q. Do I need to pay my employees extra for their overtime hours?

Q. Do I need to pay overtime hours if my staff work over 38 hours a week?

Q. Can I purchase BrightHR’s Overtime Tracker on its own?

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