Staff Vacation Planner

The easy to use staff vacation planner

Spend less time planning staff leave and get more time for your business

  • Save time with automatic vacation calculations
  • Instantly flag vacation clashes
  • Get peace of mind on vacation laws
  • Stay updated with our app

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Make your staff vacation management a breeze

Paper request forms and vacation spreadsheets are a thing of the past! Leave debates over who called first to book their holiday behind you. Our award-winning staff planner makes leave management simple for ANY business.

  • Enjoy a single view of your entire team’s schedule
  • Remove conflict with vacation clash alerts
  • Approve or deny vacations in a click
  • Remove paperwork and Excel hassle with a digital calendar
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Get accurate vacation calculations at the click of a button

Did you know that almost all workers are legally entitled at least 2 weeks paid vacation a year? And it’s down to you to make sure they take them?!

  • Enjoy peace of mind with software that does the maths for you
  • Keep up to date on all staff allowances whether full-time, part-time, or variable
  • Save time at the start of the year with a system that auto-refreshes
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Your staff vacation booking system in four simple steps:

Using our employee vacation tracker is easy. Here’s how it works:

  • Your employee adds a new vacation request at the click of a button
  • You’re notified of the new vacation request instantly
  • BrightHR flags any vacation clashes, to help you avoid being understaffed
  • You approve or decline the vacation request on the go
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Stay on track with our vacation balance tool

  • See your entire team’s remaining vacation balance at a glance
  • Make sure staff switch off regularly throughout the year to reduce burnout
  • Avoid the end-of-leave-year vacation clashes and understaffing
  • Improve your team’s wellbeing and work-life balance
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What our customers say about BrightHR

Using BrightHR makes us much more organised and centralises our processes, making it quicker for us to manage sickness and vacations.

Nottingham Credit Union

What our customers say about BrightHR

BrightHR is a user-friendly system and the team are on hand to answer any questions we ever have. I would highly recommend BrightHR.

Deborah Gillespie @ Change, Recruitment Group

What our customers say about BrightHR

Our staff absolutely love using the system and the ease of booking vacations and clocking in using Blip. Customer service is amazing...

Steven Greenall @ Cornerstone Children’s Home

What our customers say about BrightHR

Approve vacation requests wherever you are using the BrightHR app

Never miss a vacation request thanks to a system that notifies you.

  • Save time by accepting or declining vacation requests on the go
  • Say goodbye to long-winded approval processes
  • Get instant alerts to approve or deny holiday requests in seconds
  • Boost employee happiness with a system that’s as easy for them as it is for you
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See BrightHR’s vacation management software in action

Can’t believe how easy we make vacation planning sound?

See our holiday planner in action with our quick video demo. Or enjoy a tour by our friendly software specialists today!

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Discover what more BrightHR has to offer

Never be understaffed thanks to easy-to-use absence management software that gives you real-time notifications and resources for extended sick leave.

Carry your electronic filing system in your pocket with unlimited document storage space. Upload, store, and view documents in seconds.

Create, assign, and edit shifts and schedules with ease across ANY working pattern. Plus bring flexibility with our new open shifts feature.

Get a real-time view of who’s clocked in, out, or on a break by letting staff clock their own hours on our Blip App.

Get answers to over 5,000 of your burning HR and health & safety questions at lightning-fast speed.

Get the right person for the job every time by tracking, storing, organizing, and managing your applicants from job openings to onboarding.

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Calculate the payback you get from BrightHR

It's our guarantee

  • Save 45 hours on handling absence requests and managing overtime
  • Fill 40 open shifts and manage 24 schedules
  • Create 150 bespoke HR documents
  • Produce 14 custom reports or spreadsheets to manage HR and payroll

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Q. Can I purchase the staff vacation tool on its own?

Our vacation planner and booking system is part of our HR Software BrightHR. This is important so that you have all of your employee records, payroll reporting and HR needs all in one place. It’s more cost effective and time saving to subscribe to an HR software that has vacation management then looking at standalone features. It’ll save you time and money in the long run.

Q. What reporting capabilities does a vacation management software have?

Q. What are the legal requirements that makes having a vacation management software so pertinent?

Q. What are the benefits to me and my staff?

Q. Do I need to buy each BrightHR feature I want separately?

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