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User friendly HRIS platform designed to transform your people management

  • Streamline your HR processes with everything in one place
  • Manage schedules, time, and attendance with ease
  • Enhance employee engagement with self-service portals
  • Ensure compliance in line with employment legislation

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Master HR processes with HRIS technology

Say goodbye to paper-based systems and time-consuming manual data entry.

With our HRIS, you can effortlessly streamline your HR processes, manage employee data, and ensure accuracy while saving valuable time.

It also combines all your HR data into a centralized platform, making it easy to access, update, and analyze.

Plus, you can connect the tools you love with simple HRIS integrations.

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HRIS powered by employment experts

For accurate, efficient, and reliable workforce management solutions backed by seasoned employment experts, look no further than our HRIS.

You’ll get a suite of easy-to-use features in one digital HR platform from shift scheduling and vacation planning to unlimited cloud-based storage and business expense tracking.

It’s the ultimate solution for businesses seeking to optimize their HR operations with 24/7 HR support from employment relations experts.

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Explore the key features of BrightHR’s HRIS platform

Simplify your staff vacation management. Approve requests on the go, get clash alerts and view your team's schedule at a glance.

Get a real-time view of who’s clocked in, out, or on a break by letting staff clock their own hours with our employee clock-in system.

Easily create, assign, and edit shifts and schedules for any industry or working pattern. With real-time updates for your staff.

Easy-to-use absence management software that gives you real-time notifications and resources for extended sick leave

Discover Bright BrAInbox, the fastest way to get answers to 10,000+ HR questions. Powered by AI backed by 30+ years of expertise.

Get the right person for the job every time. Track, store, organize, and manage your applicants from job openings to onboarding.

HRIS is the secret to employee engagement

Engaged employees are vital for productivity and retention. Our HRIS offers a range of features to boost employee engagement, empowering your workforce to feel valued and driven.

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