Overtime tracker

Manage your team’s overtime with ease

  • checkLog the extra hours your employees work in a click.
  • checkChoose to repay staff with payable overtime or time off in lieu.
  • checkGet automatic notifications of new overtime requests.
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Always keep on top of your staff overtime

Managing staff overtime can be tough. You can forget to note down their additional hours and end up having to believe they worked three hours extra.

But you no longer have to rely on guesswork. Because BrightHR’s overtime tracker is here to help you.

  • checkChoose how to reward your staff, with payable overtime or time off in lieu (TOIL).
  • checkPut your staff in control of logging their additional hours—right down to the minute.
  • checkGenerate full, downloadable reports so you’ve always got a handle on who’s owed what.
  • checkNever miss a beat—get instant notifications for new and updated overtime requests.

Choose to give staff payable overtime…

Make sure you pay your staff correctly and on time with BrightHR.

  • checkGet a clear view of extra hours worked and pay rate to help you run your payroll smoothly.
  • checkView all your overtime requests, then check what’s been paid and what’s still pending.
  • checkNever worry about getting it wrong—you can correct or cancel overtime requests in a click.

…Or, offer employees time off in lieu

Let staff record any extra hours and spend them easily when booking time off.

  • checkAllow staff to use their TOIL balance or annual leave entitlement when requesting time off.
  • checkBe confident that your people always know how much TOIL they have left to take.
  • checkView your employees’ remaining TOIL entitlements so you can plan ahead for busy periods.

See BrightHR’s awesome software in action

Our short video tour walks you through BrightHR’s main features, including:

In less than four minutes, you’ll see how BrightHR frees up your time and simplifies all your HR processes.